Blue Bottle

HERE AT BLUE BOTTLE WE BELIEVE THAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS EVERYTHING, THAT LIFE IS TO BE OBSERVED AND ENJOYED AND THAT EVERY DAY THINGS OFTEN WARRANT CLOSER INSPECTION. Blue Bottle is the brainchild and long held ambition of our head distiller, Matt, whose interest in Gin and passion for the craft of distilling was rewarded when he was made a Scholar and Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers. Many years ago, Matt spent a balmy summer studying flies as part of a research project which he was undertaking at Cambridge University. As he peered down the microscope he noticed the exceptional beauty, intricate detail and distinctive colouring of his subject, and was struck that such beauty could be easily overlooked here and, for that matter, everywhere. Blue Bottle is the culmination of many years of commitment to refining detail. Matt has immersed himself in research into the history of gin, undertaken extensive taste testing, sourced premium botanicals from across the globe and evolved numerous prototypes to ensure that Blue Bottle gin is a truly hand crafted reflection of his passion and attention to detail, with a taste which is second to none.
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